Here’s a great checklist for you if you are considering a new brochure for your business – or indeed any printed collateral. It was originally posted by Snap Marketing, graphic and website designers in Hampshire on their great design blog and they have very kindly let us publish it here for the benefit of our customers.

Snap Marketing’s Design Checklist

If corporate communications are as much the result of effective briefing as imaginative and appropriate design, then all parties must have a common understanding of what it does. Customers respond to visual cues and it’s a positive reaction that you’re after!

The people that judge (like those from the design effectiveness awards – need to see what constitutes good design, what will project a true and positive image of the organisation and what will express who you are, what you do and why your audience should listen to you.


…And so…

Design is a justifiable investment but your board might need convincing. Pre-design research provides a benchmark against which the post-design performance can be measured. So what do you need to monitor…here is your checklist:

1. External Perceptions

What are your clients and customers thinking? Think about the opinion formers, the investors, distributors and those in the media.

2. Internal Perceptions

What do those working with you think? What do YOU think?

3. Market Position

Keep an eye on where you are in the market, you don’t want to shoot to high or aim too low.

4. Health of the Market

Is it really the time to access the market you want?

5. Staff Motivation

Consider the morale in your office. Monitor the absenteeism and the turnover.

6. Recruitment Trends

Think about quality as well as quality.

7. Performance Figures

Most importantly of all you need to monitor share price, sales, turnover and profit.

8. Response Rates

Are you getting enquiries? Or perhaps complaints and errors?

9. Production Costs

How much are you spending on printing, the materials you’re using, energy and time?

10. Distribution Costs

Keep an eye on those posting costs, packaging and time!

By adding to this you can illustrate the value of your design equity!