Digital Printing is unbeatable on turnaround and price!

Our digital printing service is geared for those short run and personalisation requirements. This service is ideal for print runs up to 500 copies. We can even produce short run 4 colour NCR sets, which would have previously been uneconomical.

Genuine personalisation, now economically viable with short run digital printing, can improve direct mail response rates dramatically; just ask us about some of the options.

GL Print have always been known for the superb quality of print that only Litho printing can really provide.

However, with our latest investment in the market-leading digital press; the 1000 Xerox Colour Press, we are now happy to say that we believe we are starting to see digital printing rival the quality of Litho.

Great for short runs

The benefits of digital printing are massive in the new world of instant and highly targeted marketing that demands instant impact.

Digital print is ideal for short runs – never economical with Litho – and because its so cost-effective on small runs, your marketing messages can be highly personalised by introducing more than just “Dear Eric” at the top!

Unlimited Personalisation

Recipients can be profiled, and individual messages, even images, are now simple to target based on previous consumer-behaviour or even purchase data.

And today we can offer print quality from our new digital press to rival litho, and our clients can have the option to do all this with the same visual impact.

Latest Technology

Here’s how it works – the new 1000 Xerox Colour Press has a unique print process, more like a press, that produces perfectly flat output – normally the curly paper is a dead giveaway of older digital technologies.

Litho is still the tops for absolute quality and consistency, but digital is really getting there fast.

Rapid Turnaround

So, now we can offer our clients the option to test market different promotional offers and executions at a fraction of the cost without significant loss of visual impact.

And because of the unparalleled turnaround offered by digital, campaign results can be measured and messages fine-tuned almost immediately.