A Green Outlook

Environmental considerations are at the top of the agenda for many print buyers, and we constantly look at the way we use and manage resources to minimise impact on our environment.

We are aware that the environment relies upon every individual and every business making a commitment, and have worked hard to become more environmentally considerate. We continually monitor our performance and processes to make improvements that benefit our environment.

Our Paper

Our Paper and board stocks carry FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification and where possible we seek to use papers with recycled paper content.

All our papers are elemental chlorine free (ECF).

Our Plates

Our Plates are produced without the use of any chemicals. The plates are exposed, but instead of being processed through a chemical solution, they are put onto the printing press, where the non image area is taken away by the damping rollers, leaving the image. This system prevents the use of transport and disposal of toxic chemicals. Very few printers currently use this new system.


We recycle all of our waste paper and commissioned special mobile bins for our factory, which move around easily on site, ensure all paper is collected for recycling efficiently. We also recycle printing plates and our ink tins via a scheme that cleans and refills them.


Our Transport Policy is designed to reduce time on the road. All of our company vehicles are equipped with satellite navigation systems and we carefully schedule our deliveries, batching where possible to reduce the number of journeys.